Project Steps: 1.TRACK

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Project Steps: 1.TRACK – Follow the clues of the following teachers to see if you can track down where they would go for inspiration if they could.JANNA’s CLUES o This beautiful place is in a city which was named after the tallest emperor of its time. o The city is also known for its “white nights”. o This is the place where a Great Empire fell in the year 1917. o This place has one of the largest art collections in the world. o Next time I am in this city, I will visit this place on a Wednesday, where for the past 250yrs a golden peacock has turned its neck, opened its tail, and a fairy tale comes to life.MICHAEL G. CLUESo Come fly with me to the land of giants, a full day distant. o To a city a metre below sea level, built on 11 million poles. o We shall ride bicycles to my favourite museum, the largest of the three o I will show you works painted by a favourite of mine from Delft o When flying home don’t forget to look down to see the largest coloured carpet in the worldBELINDA’S CLUESo Many countries have red white and blue flags. This country is no exception o The building is amazing designed by architect, Jean Nouvel o The pieces that are shown here are intended to educate and illuminate my knowledge of all things cultural o ill see lots of masks and carved wooden figures so much so I won’t feel like I’m in the same country anymoreWHERE IS JANNA?WHERE IS MICHAEL?WHERE IS BELINDA?
DISCOVER • Select 2 works from the destinations discovered in the previous step and complete the following:LEARNER NAME: CLASS: MUSEUM VISITED: Workl: Work 2: Artist: Name of work: Medium: Place on image of the chosen work here Artist: Name of work: Medium: More on image of the chosen work her Describe why you chose this perticylgr_wolk: Describe why you chose this perticularwork: Name 3 Elements of Design present In the work: 1 2 3 Name 3 Elements of Design present In the work: 1 2 3

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