Propagation Neural Network

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Need help with my petroleum research – matlab. The topic is :
Computational Analysis of the Estimation of Reservoir Permeability of A Geothermal Reservoir Using A Hybrid Any Colony Optimization – Particle Swarm Optimization – Least Square Support Vector Machine Regression (ACO-PSO-LSSVMr).
Instructions are:
This project is a programming project in which I need the results of the ACO-PSO-LSSVMr to predict the reservoir permeability of a Geothermal Reservoir. I will attach all the codes needed for this project. Kindly modify the codes to fit the project.
Please specify where you obtain your data for the project. (Very Important)
I only need the results for this project,
Please compare the results to PSO-Back Propagation Neural Network (PSO-BPNN), PSO-ANFIS, Support Vector Machine Regression (SVR), Least Square Support Vector Machine – regression (LSSVM), Particle Swarm Optimization-LSSVM (PSO-LSSVM),
I need the graph results to support the results
Use MAPE, RMSE, MAR, and R Squared as evaluation performance models
I need all the modified Matlab codes, tables and graphs

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