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Some of the important product features of the proposed online website for Leckie’s Choice (LC) are: – catalogue search – shopping cart – online payment and order submission – customer login and authentication – customers’ personal space for profiling – maintain purchase history – reporting system for management – loyalty calculation and provide rewards – determination of product promotion policies – catalogue management – tracking of customer activities.
Instructions: Create roadmap
Consider three releases and identify the goals of each release. Provide a release number for each release.
Release goal should specify the purpose and desired outcome of a particular release. Consider the factors including the target customers such as any segment of customers that are covered in a particular release, high-level architectural issues such as platforms or many concurrent access and type of services that are targeted on each release.
Consider a small set of minimum releasable features (MRFs) or minimum marketable features (MMFs) for each release that meets customer value and quality expectations (if you deliver any fewer than minimum customers would not perceive enough value). List feature set of each release
To provide a roadmap for each release, you need to consider;
Breakdown of tasks
Plot the roadmap and analyse the critical path
Analyse traceability

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