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You should focus on providing both positive descriptive and constructive feedback that will help your partner understand what they are already doing well and that will help identify specific ways that they can improve their speech. Additionally, you might want to consider these questions as part of your feedback process: Is the topic specific enough to be adequately covered in 5-7 minutes? Should it be more narrow or broad?Is this speech explaining something new that is related to the speaker’s major or intended career? What else would you like to know about this topic?Does the opener catch your attention? How can it be made better? Are there ways to help maintain audience interest more throughout the speech?Has the speaker related the significance of the topic, both for the world and for the specific audience (i.e., your classmates)?Does each main point clearly support the thesis? Are all main points clear, separate, approximately equal in length, and well-supported by evidence?What sources have been cited? Are they good quality sources? Are there three different types of sources, including an interview with an expert? Do you think they are credible and relevant to the point being made? Why or why not? How can this be better?Have a wide variety of support materials (examples, statistics, testimony, analogies, metaphors, narrative, illustrations, descriptions, explanations, definitions) been used? How can the speaker strengthen his/her points even more?How can the delivery and presentation aids become more effective? Other Article: On the mechanical front, hip-containers advances with huge advances. A large portion of the stone performers stay puzzled even with the new strategies. Sadly the makers of rap make a machine for an ever increasing number of genuine rhythms. Martin Luther King is an emblematic figure of hip-bounce culture Founders whom are at the leader of the SCLC (Southern Christian… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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