Pt complains of shortness of breath

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Pt complains of shortness of breath (SOB), fatigue, cough, and a sharp pain in his right posterior chest when he takes a deep breath. He describes it as sharp, stabbing, and intermittent with inspiration and/or cough. It is describes as 7-8/10 on the pain scale. The symptoms started 5 days ago as what he thought was a “chest cold” however, he has not been able to sleep for the past several nights, and today, he feels as though his breathing is “getting worse.” He reports the cough is non-productive although he feels “congested.” His symptoms seem to be worse at the end of the day and when he tries to lie down. He sleeps better while sitting up in a recliner chair. He reports that he is unable to go readily go up one flight of stairs to his 2nd floor bedroom due to

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