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The systems approach to organizational communication is a powerful and insightful perspective. It shifts away from individual-focused explanations of organizational behavior to a perspective explaining organizational communication. Organizational communication behavior has to be understood contextually and holistically, rather than by dividing it up and looking at individual parts.
For this assignment you will develop a PowerPoint® presentation that highlights the various aspects of systems theory from an organization of your choosing and from your perspective. Your presentation should be approximately 10–12 slides, with speaker notes, and include the following:
Begin with a title slide with your name, class number, instructor name, and term.
Describe the organization you choose to exemplify. Explain why you think the focus of the systems theory perspective fits well or would fit well within this organization.
Explain the impact or effect systems theory has regarding communication within this organization.
Considering the systems perspective, provide an example how each of the eight core concepts that make up the systems perspective (Interdependence, Holism, Input/Throughput/Output, Negative Entropy, Equilibrium, Hierarchy, Goals, and Equifinality) would be represented in this organization.
Describe if the effects of the organizational communication perspective of the new science of systems theory would be a good fit for this organization. Explain why or why not.
Explain one positive aspect of Weick’s model that can help your chosen organization.
Include a reference slide with a minimum of three scholarly references; one can be your text.
Your speaker notes should be thorough and used to enhance the slide content.

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