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Course Requirements:
 Completion of the following requirements will assist you in accomplishing the learning objectives for this course:
1. Examinations: Students must take and complete a mid-term and a final exam [each representing 20% of the final grade for undergraduate students; and 15% for graduate students]. Exams will consist of questions developed from the reading assignments, online lectures, and any supplemental information provided. Exams will consist of true-false, matching, and multiplechoice questions. Students are responsible for taking exams during the scheduled time. Make-up exams will only be given during extreme, documented circumstances. Late exams will not be accepted and will automatically result in a zero grade (0). Important Note: If you experience any technological problems during your examinations (or within the course), please be sure to resolve these issues IMMEDIATELY and PRIOR to taking your mid-term and final exams, as these are timed, one-attempt exams.
 2. Reflective Writing Assignments: All students will be required to complete the first two case studies and submit written assignment for each case study that we are reviewing. (The Michael Brown Shooting and The Duke Lacrosse Case). Graduate students will be required to complete the same two case studies and an additional case study. notably (Report of investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo). 5 Students will receive 20% per writing assignment for a total of 40% of their final grade. Graduate students will receive 15% per writing assignment for a total of 30% of their final grade. Additionally, graduate students will submit a final paper for a total of 10% of their final grade. Each assignment will be opened on Thursday and closed one week later, on Thursday (10pm Eastern time). The writing assignments will develop your writing skills, with an emphasis on reading academic texts and articles. There is a focus on writing in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) format. These assignments are designed to test your understanding and content application of the modules, course readings and activities. All written module assignments must be submitted via “Safe Assignment”. Each or the written assignments will be a 3-5 pages paper that includes the case-study we will review as a class. Students will use the course readings and the associated reading materials to develop their own analytical case study manuscript.
 3. Blackboard Postings: Each week there will be several discussion threads. I expect a high degree of well thought out participation in these discussions. The specific discussions will be based upon the readings, power point lectures, and videos that you will be assigned. I will post the initial question in the group discussion portion, and students will then be expected to post responses to this question. Students are also encouraged to create a thread in any discussion board. Students may also may post other comments, ideas, or questions about the readings there too. These self initiated posts do not replace your obligation to answer the prompt question, but do add to the overall participation levels. I want you to academically challenge each other’s thought process however, I want this done respectfully. We may draw direct opinions and policy options based on our own individual experiences and values and I expect each person’s responses to be respected. Simultaneously, this is a college course and I expect educated response that demonstrate thought in each reply. For each discussion, I expect each student to post one direct response to the question (i.e., your own take on the reading), with a minimum of 150 words for undergraduate students and 200 words for graduate students. I want to see your original thought, do not cut and paste text from other sources into your responses! If you are using certain articles and videos I expect you to cite the author. I also expect you to engage with other students. This will be accomplished by providing at least one additional response to another student’s post with a minimum of 100 words for undergraduate students and 150 words for graduate students. I am not grading for length, per se; these word counts are meant to just push you beyond short, simple answers. I am interested in thoughtful posts and responses that clearly engage the question, the readings, and other students’ comments. Make sure that you fully answer the question posed in the prompt. You can feel free to post more often than required, if you wish. You may use recent current events, to include current criminal justice issues. If you complete this kind of post for each discussion thread, you will receive full points. Remember that I am looking for a response that stimulates discussion and for you to focus on fully answering the question posted. If you are posting but the content is insufficient in terms of substance or if you do not post on each thread, you will only receive partial points. Additionally, you will also lose points if you post past the deadline.
4. Graduate Students: Graduate students will be required to submit a final paper (due towards the end of the semester). This constitutes a separate aspect of the course (when compared to undergraduate students). The final paper will be a 5-7-page paper that includes a case-study. Students will use the course readings and associated materials to develop their own analytical case study on the report of investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

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