record the volume of NaOH

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Looker your graph on the labquest, record the volume of NaOH added before the largest pH increase2 Look at the three. curve on the…. Record the volume of NaOH added after the largest pH IncreaseHIDetermine the volume of NaOH added . the Note: At this no., moles of NaOH added = moles of HC1 in the areete. At this point, H,Chnons are completely neutral.. by OH- ens. The solution only 11..6 (1.00 and water and therefore the pH 6 neutral i.e. pH = 7.rriL
Calculate the number of moles of NaOH used.
S. the equation for the neutralization reaction given In J. Introduction. Determine number of moles of HO1 used.and6 Calculate the concentration of Hausa:I.

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