Reflection on Math Teaching and Learning

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Reflection on Math Teaching and Learning
“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”
-Margaret Wheatley
The goals for this reflexive assignment are:
Reflect on your past and current mathematical learning experiences.
Analyze how your past learning experiences influence current and future teaching and learning practices.
Reimagine an early childhood mathematics learning environment where the mathematical assets of all students are fostered and supported.
Awareness and Analysis
Read the article, “Does Race Matter”. Explain what arguments you agree or disagree with the in the article and answer the following questions in full details:
Describe your math experiences at home, school, community establishments, media.
In what ways has race and race-intersectionality (gender, class, ethnicity, culture etc.) influenced your math identity development?
What advantages did you have?
What disadvantages did you have?

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What beliefs have you developed about your math identities based on your experiences?
How might your math identities influence the way you teach and learn math with students?
PART 2: Action and Accountability
Based on the ideas from the articles “Every Child Belongs: Welcoming a Child with a Disability” and “Teaching English Language Learners Mathematics in Early Childhood”, respond to the following questions:
If you could reimagine the ideal culturally responsive early childhood mathematics learning environment, what would it look like, sound like and feel like?
In what ways will you ensure that all students, specifically students of color, multilingual learners and students with disabilities who are often times underserved and/ or marginalized, have access to math learning experiences that are culturally, responsive and foster positive math identity development?
How might I support you in designing culturally responsive math learning experiences for young children?

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