reflection paper covering the following areas

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write 10 unique things per day for which you are grateful (no repeats! You may not use the same things more than once) for a minimum of 7 days. This is a list, you dont have to go into detail. So you will have 70 items total. write a reflection paper covering the following areas: ?pick 3 items from your gratitude journal and fill in the details of why you are grateful for each of the experiences/people/things ?how does the practice of keeping a gratitude journal relate to health/stress management? ?What are some challenges or barriers you experienced in keeping a gratitude journal? ?What is your overall reaction to the process of keeping a gratitude journal? ?Would you consider this process beneficial? Why or why not? ?Would you consider continuing this practice? Why or why not? ?You may add anything else you would like in reflecting on the process of keeping a gratitude journal.

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