Regional Macroeconomic Analysis

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Week 7 Case Study Outline
Regional Macroeconomic Analysis
Final Case Study – Overview: 2 Pages is required
Next week, you will complete a 200-point Final Case Study. The current assignment is 60 points. After you finish this, I will ask the next part another assignment extending this outline for my portion. This week, you will complete a high-level outline assignment. This week’s outline and the corresponding peer review discussion this week will both be very useful to you as preparation.
Employment Indicators (wages) —Work on this Indicator.
Final Case Study Outline Assignment Description (60 points)
For this assignment, you need to briefly inform your professor about your plans for your final case study. Basically, what macroeconomic indicators do you intend to research for your region and how you are going to conduct the research.
Below are some helpful notes for completing the outline.
Section 1: Introduction 
Briefly state the name of the region (Phoenix city) that you are going to analyze. Also, state the major strengths that make your region unique.
Section 2: Data Collection and Analysis
Data: state the type of data and the time range of the data you are going to obtain. Also, state the sources (if you have them) where you are going to obtain your data from and share links to the sources if you have any.
Analysis: State what your plans for this section and how are you going to approach the findings from your data section.
NOTE: You do not need to provide the actual data, findings, analysis and/or a solution for the outline assignment.
Reference List
Use at least 2 professional sources to support your argument. The references must be in APA format.

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