Report guideline elements

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Report guideline elements (Jan 2020)
Determine the amount of aspirin in a batch of tablets by performing a weakacid – strong base titration.
Word limit: 1200 – 1500
This is where you introduce the subject area you are working on and the procedure you are using. You are introducing a problem for which you are working on the solution. Talk about the effects of this problem and how you are going to solve it. Mention any real-world example of this problem.
Restate the aim in your own words.
Materials and method
Write the method in your own words but in the past tense using a passive voice.
Show your results in a table.
Describe the data in your table
Write a balanced equation for the reaction.
Show working and calculations for the unknown concentration.
Talk about the experiment and what was observed.
What does your result mean to the aim?
Explain what is happening in the experiment using the reaction.
Add information to your discussion by looking at books, articles and journals on your topic as references.
Look at the useful of this procedure in industry, in medicine or pharmacy, etc. and mention places which could use this procedure.
Identify possible errors that could have affected your results and how to overcome them in the lab
State if the aim of your experiment was met at the end of the experiment, any differences and what can be improved.
Don’t forget to add references in the introductions and discussion (a minimum of 7 references). Do not use Wikipedia or websites in your references and stick to Havard style referencing.

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