Research and Writing

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Students will be required to write a clear and complete thesis statement for every Graded Discussion, so we need to practice.
In order to complete the Research and Writing Module, please complete the following:
Review the How to Write a Thesis PowerPoint download; you may want to download a copy for future reference;
Watch the two videos embedded in the PowerPoint;
Using the information from the PowerPoint, prepare a thesis statement for each of the questions below:
What is your favorite subject in school?                                   Environmental Science
If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose? Tom Holland
What is your favorite book or movie? Twilight
Where do you see yourself in twenty years? Owning my own Daycare
What is unique about living in Southwest Florida? Family and the Weather

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Remember to restate the question, fully answer the question, and provide 2-3 reasons to support your answer.

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