Risk among components including strategic, hazard, financial, and operations

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c: Differentiate risk among components including strategic, hazard, financial, and operations Supplier selection is among the most critical in managing supply chains. Our discussion will guide us in developing tools which monitor the financial health of a supplier. Our text discusses the Z score in Chap 6. What does the Z score do? Please conduct some Internet research and support your comments with a brief overview of supplier bankruptcies in the news. Were there red flags that were not seen before a supplier went out of business?2.While supplier risk is often the most concerning, what about demand risk or process risk? Consider examples of demand risk on Table 7.2 and process risks on Table 7.3. Select at least two, but no more than three examples from each and offer your perspectives on ways to mitigate their negative impact. Other Article: Plough Monday In some parts of England, mainly the eastside and the northside, the first Monday after epiphany is called plough Monday. This day is very ancient, and it probably came to England following the Nordic Countries invasions, according to the churchmouse campanologist In the Middle Ages, plough Monday was the day that the young men returned to their working fields. These young men did not actually go to the field, but disguised themselves unrecognizable, and went to the wealthy landowners to ask for money. This tradition went on for centuries afterwards. Nowadays, plough Monday is only celebrated in certain regions. Sometimes they still go by the houses with their ploughs, but the day is more of a feast now, on which is sung, and danced on some very ancient songs. The people are also dressed in Medieval clothing. Saint George’s day Saint George’s day is a day in England on which saint George is remembered. The celebrate it on… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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