role of Key Performance Indicators

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a) McDonald’s comprises a mixed manufacturing/service operation. Critically compare the different characteristics of the product and service operations and the consequential impact on the operational/performance measures employed.  (25 marks)  b) Critically discuss the role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used by McDonalds for their manufacturing and service operations at a typical restaurant. You should illustrate your answer by giving ONE (1) example of a KPI for each of the manufacturing and service operations (15 marks)  c) i) Draw, label and explain McDonald’s supply chain network. (Focus only on those aspects of the supply chain which are needed to directly produce and sell food.)  (10 marks)  ii) Critically evaluate the role of the supply chain in addressing  I. the concerns and needs of customers II.  in supporting McDonald’s operations objectives (24 marks)  d) Using evidence to support your answer, critically discuss how McDonald’s is implementing lean philosophy to minimise waste, yet still meets the demand for immediate service. (16 marks)  e) Conclusion – summarise the main points from your report and discuss the implications for McDonald’s strategic operations. (10 marks)  NB. References should be in the Harvard format and this will be acknowledged in the marks awarded for your response.  

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