Royal Rundle Hospital

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The Royal Rundle Hospital (RRH) is a multi-specialty hospital that includes a number of
departments, rooms, doctors, nurses, compounders, and other staff working in the hospital.
Patients having different kinds of ailments come to the hospital and get checkup done from the
relevant doctors. If required they are admitted in the hospital and discharged after treatment. The
hospital maintains the records of various departments, rooms, and doctors in the hospital besides
the most important records of the regular patients, patients admitted in the hospital, the checkup
of patients done by the doctors, the patients that have been operated, and patients discharged from
the hospital.
In RRH, there are many departments like Orthopedic, Pathology, Emergency, Dental, Gynecology,
Anesthetics, I.C.U., Blood Bank, Operation Theater, Laboratory, M.R.I., Neurology, Cardiology, Cancer
Department, Corpse, etc. There is an OPD where patients come and get a card (that is, entry card of
the patient) for check up from the relevant doctor. After making entry in the card, they go to the
relevant doctor’s room and the doctor checks up their ailments. According to the ailments, the doctor
either prescribes medicine or admits the patient in the relevant department. The patient may choose
either private or general room according to his/her need. But before getting admission in the hospital,
the patient has to fulfill certain formalities of the hospital like room charges, etc. After the treatment
is completed, the doctor discharges the patient. Before discharging from the hospital, the patient again
has to complete certain formalities of the hospital like balance charges, test charges, operation charges
(if any), blood charges, doctors’ charges, etc.

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