Safe Assign Self Assessment and resolve flags

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The FINAL LAP – and A3 hints and tipsPosted on: Sunday, 8 August 2021 23:01:28 o’clock AESTHello all,This is to make sure that you are all entering your final lap with a level playing field for Assessment 3 – you are so very close now -you can see the finish line.If you don’t use Safe Assign Self Assessment and resolve flags – that is really poor form – none of your graders want to open Safe Assign and cry. You can make sure that this does not need to happen – it is in your hands.ANd if you haven’t formatted your assessment in accordance to the Assessment Brief requirments – you are telling us that those marks aren’t important to you. This is simple stuff – like brushing and flossing – my dentist says ‘you only need to brush and floss thePosted to: Trimester 2 HE 2021 MIS608 Wakefield St SA F1501 CRN 1198

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