Saint Nicholas Health System

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Case Study Part 1: Saint Nicholas Health System
This assignment is based on the case studies of the Saint Nicholas Health System found in your textbook for this course. Be sure to read the section “Saint Nicholas Health System Case Study,” on pages xxxix–xlvii of the textbook for an introduction to this hypothetical health care system and the people involved. Then, read the case studies involving this health system that are included in the textbook chapters assigned in Studies for Units 1 and 2.
For this assignment, using the backdrop of the case studies, you will assume the role of CEO Elizabeth Parris to develop a strategic communication plan of action. The parts of the plan of action you develop for this assignment will demonstrate your problem-solving and decision-making skills aligned with Dye and Garman’s competencies 1 through 4.
For this assignment, in your strategic communication plan of action, document the following:
A plan for your communication (as Elizabeth Parris, CEO) announcing to all employees your decision to hire John Vardez as COO rather than the other candidate, Lisa French, and your justification for doing so. This memo should document how you have led by conviction. What will you say to the employees that justifies the decision and what mode of delivery would be most effective and convincing? Why?
Your plan to inform the board of directors that you have used emotional intelligence in the decision to relieve Kathy Hauser of her position. What will you say to the board of directors and what mode of delivery would be most appropriate for communicating this? Why?
Your plan to communicate to the board of directors your concern about whether Saint Nicholas has developed the necessary vision for the organization. Document what you (as Elizabeth Parris) propose as a strategy for developing that vision. What needs to change and why? How you will communicate this to the board and why you recommend this mode of delivery. What should the vision be and why?
How you (as Elizabeth Parris) will communicate to all employees and stakeholders the newly formed vision for Saint Nicholas Health System. What will you say to encourage them to embrace the new vision?

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