San Diego Office of Violence Prevention

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’m assigned to reach San Diego Office of Violence Prevention. I must have 3 interviews with 3 staff members from that department with their names, pictures and titles presented in paper. I hope you can help me do those interviews and tell my what specific questions you ask them.
This is the instruction for this assignment.
Instructions for Organization Research Papers:Please reflect on the following concepts and ideas in 3 organization research papers (see class syllabus). Each paper is to be at least 5 pages type written- picture/maps/data charts/ are separate.• Show if and how the organization or department responds to students’ groups’ topical area
• Interview at least 3 staff members of each organization (l****** and show their titles)
• Discuss what the department/organization does
• Discuss how the department/organization accomplishes its goals
• Make sure to indicate how long the organization/department has been serving the community
• Share any special community events the organization/department does at least yearly
• Discuss how organization supports staff development, staff recognition and morale to ensure good customer service
• Discuss what the organization has in place to ensure ethical conduct of employees
• Discuss how COVID19 has impacted services of the organization and the staff
• Students are invited to include pictures of staff, map, demographic charts, and service area information.  
Just only 1the san diego office of Violence prevention3 interviews with 3 staff members from that office

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