Scoring the MC

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Scoring the MCIf you arc using the paper version of the MCI that appears in this book, you now need to use the following scoring sheet to produce your survey results:
Transfer your ratings for each item to the scoring sheet. Your item 1 rating should be placed next to the number “1” in col-umn A. Your rating for item 2 should be placed next to “2” in column B, and so on. Continue until you have transferred your ratings for all 40 items.
Add each column and place the total in the box indicated. 3. Add columns A through J and place the total in the box indi-cated. Columns A through J are subscores for each of the 10 moral competencies discussed in Chapters 5-7.272MORAL INTELLIGENCE 2.0
Divide the total from columns A–I (step 3a) by 2 and place in the box indicated. This is your total MC (Moral Competency) score. The maximum MCI score is 100.
Using the Moral Competencies Worksheet below the scoring sheetaransfer your scores for each column—A through J—to the corresponding list of competencies listed after each corre-sponding letter.

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