Select a Target Job Description

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There are three parts to this assignment. When you open up a Word document, please make sure you use headings to label the different parts of your assignment as Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. For more information about the assignment, you can see the referenced page numbers of your textbook.
This assignment requires you to create and submit both a resume and a cover letter that could be used to apply to a job of your choice.
Part 1: Select a Target Job Description
This may involve a web search for careers, scanning the Lethbridge Herald or other periodical, or learning about possible job opportunities by word of mouth. Try to find a job that matches your interests and goals. However, you must include a description of the job you are “applying” for, and attach it to your resume and cover letter. You may copy and paste this description from the website of the job you are applying to.
Part 2: Prepare Your Resume
Choose a resume style that suits your needs. Possible templates for resumes are modeled on pages 427, 428, 429, and 430 of your textbook. Alternately, you can create your own, as long as it is clear and organized. You should include the following sections in your resume:
Identify yourself: name, address, telephone number (you can make up a fake address and phone number if you do not want to share this information!)
Objective: What do you hope to attain from your application? For example, Bookseller at Chapters or Personal trainer at Gold’s Gym
Summary of Qualification: What makes you qualified for the job? What previous experience do you have in related fields?
Education: degree or diploma (high school), date of graduation, and institution; also include your program of study at College
Work Experience: itemize jobs, describe your experience, include dates of employment, emphasize the skills used in these jobs
Please feel free to include additional information if necessary. Try to limit your resume to one page. However, you will not be penalized if you use two pages.
Part 3: Write a Cover Letter
Use the cover letters illustrated on pages 438 and 439 of your textbook as models for formatting your letter, but do not feel constricted to using these forms exactly. Your cover letter should include the following sections:
Opening: address the letter to the potential employer; if possible, identify how you found out about the job; gain the attention of the reader
Body: describe how you would be a good fit for the job; describe your strengths; refer to your resume for examples
Closing: offer to call or include a number for your potential employer to get a hold of you; request an interview or more communication
You will submit to me the following documents:
Part 1: A description of the job you are applying to
Part 2: A resume
Part 3: A cover letter
Make sure you tailor the resume and the cover letter to meet the requirements for the job. For example, if you are applying for a job as a bookseller at Chapters, you will want to highlight your interest in English literature; your communication, recommendation, and people skills; and highlight previous experience as a salesperson. Limit your resume to the pertinent information and highlight this information in your cover letter.

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