Selection and analysis of car park structural system, May 26, 2021

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This is a paper that is focusing on the selection and analysis of car park structural system. The paper also discusses how to achieve structural stability using structural systems.
Selection and analysis of car park structural system
STRUCTURAL SYSTEM: You are required to select a case study of an interesting car park. To analyse the structural system used to achieve structural stability. However, you are requested to relate the project to class topics such as types of beams, connections, lateral forces and bracing, FBD approach, shear walls used, and also other structural systems applicable.
MATERIAL: Reinforced concrete, steel, masonry etc. any kind of material suitable for the parking structure.
Purpose of the project: Student should be able to understand the structural systems required to support buildings with underground spaces/ ground level parking, storage or other functional services.
IMPORTANT: Show items you have understood based on class teachings. Additionally, these differentiate the work from the online case study. Your observation and also contribution should be clearly highlight
Select an interesting car park case study, showing clearly and explicitly what you have learned and how structure systems were approached. Also, the project could be one structural system or combination of multiple systems. The learning outcome from case study should be clearly shown.
Items to consider:Firstly, case study (Learning outcomes)Secondly, design for car parkThirdly, structural systems of the design (3D)Fourthly, labelling structural elementsLastly, grid systemsYou are to use any communication tool, software/ freehand/ etc1.        CASE STUDY.  (5)
·     Show Case study findings. Identify your learning outcomes.Then, illustrate how you intend to adopt the findings into your research project successfully. (local and also international case-study)3.       STRUCTURAL SYSTEM: (15) general dimensions included in the drawings
·     SPC B.3 Code and regulations and SPC B.5 Understanding the basic principles of structural behavior in withstanding gravity and also lateral forces at the evolution, range, and appropriate application of contemporary structural system.
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