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SEOs may come from any professionals but in the first place a good SEO contributor must have a good critical thinking ability. Whatever the case a SEO contributor must be able to differentiate causation and correlation. The mind ought to be sharp enough to analyze issues and be able to write content that is sensible .A good SEO contributor must always write what he knows better. These initial skills can be easily captured when the contributor is being interviewed.
Analytical Skills
Written work of any kind must go hand in hand with the ability to analyze issues. For the content to be understood it must be legible, clear and logical .The skills of analyzing come in here, whereby no one can better understand or comprehend the content written without the contributor being able to portray it out in the written work.
Motivation, Drive &Flexibility
Inner feelings and qualities of the writer must always comply with the mind. The person must also be ready and willing to write a good SEO content. The writer must be flexible enough to contribute better work .Many other skills are also needed here like the knowledge of Excel, HTML and any other related knowledge.
The contributor must also ensure that the blog or web he writes for, is accessible, friendly and humorous. This confirms that the writer must have a good sense of humor enough to tickle his readers. There are many other skills that a good content writer must have but the mentioned ones are the main ones.

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