several social media sites

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Value: 35% Due Date: Week 11
During the last decade, several social media sites have experienced security issues and their
IT security defenses were breached. The objective of this assignment is to analyze one such
breach. You can analyze one of the following breaches based on your preference. You can
choose one of the following as your options to analyze.
Instagram (2020)
Tiktok (2020)
Youtube (2020)
Facebook (2019)
500px (2018)
Zynga (2019)
Students are expected to cover following the aspects as part of their assignment:
Case Presentation: Briefly describe the social media network and talk about the magnitude
of the business and their operations and clientele. Also introduce the security hack and the
circumstances that led to the hack of the website.
Risk Assessment and presentation: Identify all the risks that the website was initially exposed
to before the hack and assess the effect of each risk, and propose control strategies
After the Hack Security measures: Following the hack, propose security measures and justify
the use of security approaches for the project while identifying strengths and weaknesses of
each approach
Security Framework/Recommended Settings: From the website’s perspective, provide
information security blueprint based on chosen framework following the hack and how the
company strengthened its security framework.

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