significant role in marketing products

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In todays world branding plays a significant role in marketing products for a particular business. With the passage of time people has changes their way of shopping; they have become less patient and as a result the businesses have small window of opportunity for influencing the decision of the buyers (Aggarwal, 2004; Loken, Ahluwalia and Houston, 2010). The businesses devise different strategies for wooing the customers and branding is one of them. With the rapid change in market conditions, the role of branding in an organization has become important (Aggarwal, 2004; Loken, Ahluwalia and Houston, 2010). Branding is necessary in order to manage the products, which will fulfil the desire of the customers (Hislop, 2001). The organizations needs to concentrate on their customers so as to build a competitive brand. Basically, the customers or consumers are governed by their individual attitudes and most importantly their values but environment and society also play a great role in making their purchasing decision (Aggarwal, 2004; Loken, Ahluwalia and Houston, 2010). Therefore, brand is an important factor in order to create an impact on the consumers purchase decision. The research proposal lays emphasis on the impacts that branding has on purchasing decision of the consumers. Also, it is interesting to know how people react when newer products are produced and it helps to understand why different company products of the same nature have different feedbacks from consumers. Research Question The main research aim of the research is to evaluate the impact of branding on purchasing decision of the consumers. The following research questions can be formulated in order to fulfill the research aim. 1. What is brand and branding? 2. What is the relationship between branding and its impact on purchase decision of consumers? 3. How is branding used? 4. How do consumers respond to branding? 5. Is branding really important in order to sell products? The framework of this research consists of tackling with the aforementioned research questions, for which there will be a literature review. In accordance with a methodology, this literature will be analysed, and a conclusion will be contributed. In addition to data analysed from the literature review, responses from surveys conducted will also be analysed and matched with the results of the analysed literature review.

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