Smart Fitness Wearable Technology

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Smart Fitness Wearable Technology: Why Users Adopt and Lose InterestINTRODUCTIONSmart Wearable Technology and devices are the microcomputers which are considered to be the future and replacement for the handheld smart devices. Generally, smart wearable devices are considered to be the devices which connects with the smartphone and serve the purpose but smart wearable technology does more important things like health monitoring than just a smartphone on your wrist. These devices are designed for active heath monitoring, including but not limited to heart rate, step count, calories, kilometers bicycled, galvanic skin sensor etc. Users of personal activity trackers can choose and control the length and time of their workout and they don’t have to depend on personal trainers [1].Regular physical exercise should be essential part of every human as it provides enormous health benefits. However, most of the people do not consider physical exercise important aspect of life due to lack of knowledge or lack of motivation. A recent study conducted by Endeavour Partners showed that health fitness is the real problem in the United States of America and wearable fitness devices is a way to motivate the people towards the physical exercise as it is a cost-effective solution [1-3],On the other hand, not all the ideas which sound good should be working during the application. Recent research survey conducted by Ledger et al. [2] deduced that more than half of the people who bought the wearable fitness devices or personal activity trackers do not use it and third of those buyers dumped the devices in six months of buying it. The main motive of this method review is to examine and critically analyze the various methods used in different research papers that leads us to the factors that drive the user to accept or reject the product [4].Page 118

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