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BSBPMG522 SD Website Design Brief Template (ID 109582)
Native Bush Spices Australia
Website Design Brief
Replace the text in italics with your own responses.
Background Information
Include information as follows:
New or replacement site?
If replacement, what is the current domain (URL)
The motivation for change.
What the organisational goals are for the website – what do you want to achieve from the new site? (Goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeframe)
Target Audience
Who is your target audience?
Maybe more than one and may be different from your customers
Do you have an ideal customer profile?
What will they come to your website for? (articles/reviews/contact details/pricing?)
What does the organisation do? short summary, with products/services/history etc.
List the subject areas – from most important to least, focus on topics and clusters (which can then become the site map).
Is there content available to tell the story (photos, videos, text, diagrams, etc.)?
Who is going to write the content, or edit the old content for the new site? Will it be done with Search Engine Optimisation in mind?
Call to Action
What do you want people to do when they get to the site?
Buy from the shop, complete enquiry form, call us, read lots of articles, sign-up to the newsletter, etc.
Social Media and Sharing
Provide advice on social media demographics. See:
Where do you target audience(s) spend time online?
What avenues do you need for sharing your content (links on the page using Social Sharing to LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
What Social Media presence do you have (or need) – and how is that going to be presented on the site (Facebook Like box, follow us on Twitter, and include the latest from your twitter stream etc.).
Functional Requirements
The list above, including content and calls to action, will give you a clear picture of what functions are required in the website, such as:
A blog
E-commerce capabilities
Advertising or sponsors
Design Assets
Logos, colours, style guide, off-line marketing materials
Design Ideas
If a rebuild of the current site; what do you like and dislike about the current site
Up to five websites with design ideas you like (can be from your industry or another)
Competitor’s websites (three to five)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Do you have a set of priority keywords and phrases?
Will this be addressed in the build, and if so, how?
Content editing to be done with SEO in mind. In-house or by a specialist?
Practical Issues
What’s your budget?
Is it realistic for the features and functions you want?
What are the priority issues, and can it be staged if the budget doesn’t cover the wish-list?
Timeline – how long and what’s the deadline?
Who will project manage?

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