Social stratification

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This chapter describes two types of social stratification, the “closed system” of caste and the “open system” ofclass. Caste and class are not opposing concepts because class systems combine caste-like elements withelements of meritocracy. To be more precise, the opposite of a pure caste system (social position basedentirely on birth) would be a pure meritocracy (social position based entirely on personal achievement).Imagine a continuum—a line with “caste” at one end (call this point “one”) and “meritocracy” at the other (callthis point “ten”). Any real-world society could be placed somewhere on this line, depending on how much birthversus personal achievement shapes social position. Where on this line (use a number between one and ten)would you place U.S. society? Why? Would your answer differ with regard to women rather than men? Would itdiffer regarding people of color versus white people? Explain. Other Article: Befuddled Values in The Necklace Neckband disarray an incentive For certain individuals, class qualification is significant. Frequently, class qualifications are generally critical to individuals at more significant levels, individuals who can see different spots on the planet, yet here and there this idea is for individuals who involve lower classes of society It is generally significant. These individuals are caught where they are, yet they feel that their genuine spots are at the head of a social stepping stool. Mme’s character Loisel of the story “Jewelry” of Guy Le Moupassant is such an individual. Worth is discovered everywhere on the world, and numerous individuals have various qualities. These may prompt individuals being decided by others or by implication clarified. “Jewelry” to. Loisel is a delightful lady who lives well, she adores her, she simply needs to satisfy her. She isn’t rich, she sticks and demands a superior, more extravagant life. At the point when her better half welcomed her… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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