some health inequalities

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Identify some health inequalities associated with knife crime and youth violence.
Discuss within your groups the behavioral risk factors that may be associated with youth violence and particularly knife crime (use the ecological framework on slide 13 and the rainbow model on slide 21).
Make a list of your top three risk factors to present back to the class with reference to your evidence.
Dahlgren and Whitehead’s model
Page 163 of core textbook
Dahlgren and Whitehead’s model (below) highlights several of the main factors determining population health. The central feature of the model is several fixed determinants of health such as age, sex and genetics. These are all considered in chapter 8 of the core text book, which critically examines individual characteristics as determinants of health. Consider:
individual behaviour,
individual characteristics, including developmental factors such as foetal experiences and age,
constitutional factors such as genetic inheritance,
and social constructs such as gender (how concepts of femininity and masculinity influence health).
[Warwick-Booth, Louise/Cross, Ruth/Lowcock, Diane. Contemporary Health Studies]

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