some of the fundamental operations

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Problem Statement 
This project will introduce you to some of the fundamental operations used on binary numbers (bit patterns) in digital computers. It will also give you a good understanding of how to use and manipulate 1-dimensional arrays. Note that bit pattern manipulations are required for processing digital media of all forms. These bit patterns are at the very core of our current technology, from the mobile phone to the most powerful supercomputer. 
In the program, you must read commands which will require you to perform some operation on either one or two bit patterns, determine the result of the operation, and output accordingly. The binary operands will contain exactly 8 bits, where a bit is a binary digit. A byte contains 8 bits.  
1.Write a program which requires the manipulation of standard one-dimensional arrays in C++
2. Discuss the use the typedef construct to set up array types and pass arrays as parameters 
3.Write a program which requires the manipulation of string class objects in C++ 
4.Discuss the concept of parallel arrays 
5.Learn about the logical operations and other bit manipulations performed in digital information processing 

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