Species on the Brink

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Use the US Fish and Wildlife Service, your local conservation agency, or the UN’s Red List to create fourdifferent trading cards. Get creative and design your own cards or use PowerPoint slides or use the templateprovided below. Include all of the provided information outlined below.The four cards should consist of:· One Endangered Species· One Threatened Species· One Extinct Species (1600s or sooner)· One Recovered Species (removed from threatened or endangered species list)For each card/slide should include:· Species name· Status· Distribution· Description of actions leading to a decline· Recovery plan· Reference Other Article: Social work is depicted as workmanship converged with science (Connolly and Harms, 2009, p.4). The science parts of social work are appreciated by the proof based information got from inquires about and practice speculations. The craft of social work happens as social work experts weave together this logical information with individual qualities, proficient aptitudes and encounters. In setting of social work practice, it is adjusted these to the special and specific circumstances. Likewise, social work practice should be applied particular methodologies with various customer bunches in a scope of fields. After perusing the articles about family, family social work ought to be mirrored the reasonable technique, experiences and center abilities. It is incorporated the method for approach, social competency and correspondences abilities in working with family. It is imperative to address the family-focused methodology which is underpinnings the hypothesis in working with families. It very well may be clarified that family-focused practice includes an attention on working with families/whanau, not solely working with singular individual from families. This methodology is likewise consistent with biological hypothesis. As indicated by Bronfenbrenner (Berger, 2008, p.87), human improvement and family working can be impacted commonly by a layer of ecological angles like society and relationship. Likewise, unique individual is probably going to… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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