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Select a specific position (by Job Title) that you want to use throughout the assignments. I suggest that you choose a straightforward job with clear cut duties, responsibilities, specifications and qualifications; or perhaps a job title you intend to undertake after graduation. Knowing the most you can about a new position often helps you to become more successful in getting that job. The goal of these assignments and the project is for you to be proficient in the process. Once you are proficient, you can apply the process to any position.
Based on 3 examples you find posted online for the chosen position, first author a brief written narrative describing the daily activities of the job, as well as the knowledge, skills, or capabilities necessary to successfully complete the job.
a. These should include routine tasks-tasks that you would expect the person in this position to perform on a regular basis and the: [Adaptive –Way]s you would expect the person in this position to perform tasks when situations/circumstances change. These might be considered contingencies, and, [Creative-Ways] you would expect the person in this position to perform tasks when routine and adaptive methods are not sufficient or will not work.
After completing your written narrative create a Job Description (Using the Template Provided) create a job description which includes specifics for each of the following areas:
a. Job Purpose.
b. Job Specifications.
c. Job Qualifications.
a. Explain why your final job description is sufficient to use as it relates to the employee life cycle.
b. Explain the potential issues or concerns that exist when organizations choose not to use job descriptions.

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