Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
All questions should be answered after you have done the relevant research so that we can help you to prepare a good Genuine Temporary Entrant submission for your Student Visa application.
Full name:
Date of Birth:
Passport Number:
Name of Courses:
Name of Education Provider:
Where are you applying from?
If you are already in Australia now, when did you first arrive in Australia?
How frequent do you visit your home country/family?
Do you have any previous immigration history for Australia or other similar countries such as visa refusal/cancellation?
(If yes, please provide us with the visa refusal/cancellation notice)
Why choose to study the particular course? (minimum 300 words)
(you may include details like your past relevant qualifications/work experience, how this course will take you further in your career growth or business plans when you return home, expected salary upon graduation as compared to a local similar qualification when you get employment back home)
Why studying in Perth, Western Australia? (minimum 300 words)
(you may include details like whether the similar course is offered in your home country (provide examples with fees and name of institutions), why you prefer to study in Australia, any family members/close friends living in Perth – their age, occupation, residency status in Australia, , your living arrangements while in Perth, any employment already in Perth, the fees comparison to your home country or other states in Australia, living expenses, lifestyle in Perth)
Your economic circumstances (minimum 300 words)
(you may include who will be supporting your studies and living in Australia, are you presently working in Australia (pay rates, position), personal savings or sponsors, what does your sponsor work as and how much earnings monthly, relationship between sponsor with you).
Knowledge about living in Australia, relevance and the value of the course to you
(minimum 300 words)
(you may include details like how long you have been living in Australia, what you wish to do while in Perth, what have you been working/studying previously, previous travel around Australia or overseas, what do you know about this course which will be able to help you in your future)
Ties to return to your home country (minimum 300 words)
(you may include details like family members living back home – their age, occupation and their relationship to you, your family and your personal assets, business, properties which create economic ties for you to return home – include the value respectively if possible, situation in your home country which provide good employment, better career advancement when you graduate from Australia, promotions, ready job offer, political stability, etc.)
Your GTE statement will depend on your answers above.
Most student visa refusal are GTE-related.
Please provide genuine, detail answers to all the above questions.

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