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Task Create a contact person for a customer. Short Description Use the SAP Fiori Launchpad to create a contact person. Name (Position) Maria Diaz (Sales Person 1)

Now that we have created the master data for our new customer, The Bike Zone, we can create the master data for a contact person. A contact person is an employee/representative of the new customer’s company. The contact person defines a specific person to communicate with when dealing with The Bike Zone.

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To create a contact person, use again the app Maintain Business Partner.

In the Create Business Partner screen choose .
In the drop down menu Create in BP role choose Contact Person. In the pop-up Change to another BP role in create mode choose . Enter a Title, first name and last name of your choice. Enter ### as Search Term. Further enter EN for Correspondence lang. and US for country. Check with the screen below and click on the button .Take a screen shot of that in below and show to your lecturer.
Your contact person will be given a unique number.

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Click on the home icon to return to the Fiori Launchpad overview.

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