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Task Create BP relationship. Short Description Use the SAP Fiori Launchpad to create a Busines Partner relationship. Name (Position) Maria Diaz (Sales Person 1)

The contact person created for The Bike Zone needs to be assigned as a business partner within the customer master.

To assign your new customer with the contact person you created in the step before, use the app Create BP relationship.

In the field Relationship Category use the F4 help. Select there Has Contact Person.

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Confirm with .
In the field Business Partner 1 search for your Customer you created in the first step. Use therefore the F4 help. Navigate to the Partner, General tab. Enter for Name1/last name The Bike Zone and in the Search term 1 field your three digital numbers ### and confirm with Enter or .

You will get the following overview.

Select your entry and confirm with . Back in the Create BP relationship: Initial screen choose again the F4 help in the field Business partner 2. In the tab Partners, General enter your three digital numbers and the last name of your contact person. Choose .

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Select your line and choose .

Back in the Create BP Relationship: Initial Screen enter for Valid from 01/01/current year to 12/31/9999 and click on .

In the following screen enter 1 for VIP (management), 0002 for Department (Purchasing) and 0002 for Function (Purchasing Manager). Choose .
In the tab Sales and Distribution Data choose again .

In the pop up choose Yes to save your entries. You will get the following success message.

Choose Save.

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Click on the home icon to return to the Fiori Launchpad overview.

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