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Task Display a sales order. Short Description Use the SAP Launchpad to display a sales order. Name (Position) Sandeep Das (Warehouse Supervisor)

With relatively little user input, the sales order for The Bike Zone has been created. The Display Sales Order transaction provides the opportunity to review the order in detail.

To display a sales order, use the app List Sales Order.

This will produce the following screen.

In the field Sold-To Party use the F4-Help to find your Customer and enter ### in the field serach term and find THE BIKE ZONE and select it by double ckicking. Afterwards click on .

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After double-clicking on your sales order number (Sales document column) on the second row, this view should be produced.

Select the Professional Touring bike line item (second row), then click on the display availability icon to explore the stock for this item in detail.

This screen shows how many bikes we have in stock and the order we are displaying will use 2 of these.
Note Your numbers may be different.
Choosing More  Scope of check will produce the following window.

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This screen displays the elements considered when performing the availability check. For example, Incl. purchase orders is selected, which means that a purchase order will be considered as available stock from its receipt date onward. Click on , then click on the back icon to return to the overview screen.

After selecting the Deluxe Touring bike line and clicking on the item conditions icon , the following screen will be displayed.

The details of the price calculation for the Deluxe Touring bike are displayed. Note the two discounts that were manually applied to this line item.
What is the Internal price of your bike DXTR1####? _________________________
Click on the home icon to return to the Fiori Launchpad overview.

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