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Task Start the delivery process. Short Description Use the SAP Launchpad to start the delivery process. Name (Position) Sergey Petrov (Warehouse Employee)

To start the process that will fulfill The Bike Zone’s order, we need to create a delivery document. To do this, use the app Create Outbound Deliveries.

This will produce the following screen.

Note: You trigger shipping activities by creating deliveries. The responsible organizational unit for creating deliveries is the shipping point. The shipping point can be a loading ramp, a mail depot, or a rail depot. It can also be, for example, a group of employees responsible (only) for organizing urgent deliveries.
Use the F4 help in the field Ship-To Party .
Enter Orlando in City field, US in Country field and choose . Scroll down until you find your customer. Select your customer The Bike Zone with the right customer number and click on .

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In the pull-down menu Planned Creation Date choose Date Range for Time Period and 01/01/current year to 31 Dec current yearand click on .

This will produce the following screen.

Select the Document and click on .
You will see that the sales document is not available anymore.

Click on the home icon to return to the Fiori Launchpad overview.

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