steps in the Agri-food system

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Describe the steps in the Agri-food system and what happens at each step in the journey from “dirt to dinner”.
Discuss and rank the seven factors that affect the consumer demand. Explain the reasons) behind the ranking? 33. Briefly explain the BCG matrix and give an example for each. 34. Define social responsibility, discuss arguments both for and against it, and identify the general areas of social responsibility 35. Define goals, note their purpose, and briefly describe the steps in the goal- setting process. OR Explain briefly Michael porter’s five fames model that is used for industry analysis? 36. Compare and contrast what happens to a business when the owner dies if the business is a (a) sole proprietorship, (b) partnership, or (c) corporation. 37. A seed company expects to sell 20,000 bags in the coming year at $125 per bag. The variable costs equal $75 per bag. If the company has an overhead (total fixed costs) of $750,000, (a) how many bags do they need to sell to break even? (2 marks) (b) How much profit company is going to make if it sells 20,000 bags. (1 mark) (c) Calculate the Break Even Point in Dollars. (1 mark) (d) Draw a Break-Even chart showing contribution to the profit. (1 mark) 38. Describe with suitable examples the three major time frames for planning and elaborate on how these time frames are integrated within the organisation? OR What are the 4 common legal business structures in Australia and define each of them. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Sole Trader versus Partnership and how the business profits and losses of a sole trader and partnership are taxed. 39. What is strategic planning? Describe the three levels of strategy and explain in detail any two strategies ■.vith examples. 40. Define the five barriers to consumer satisfaction, the nine marketing functions, and the four utilities of marketing. Explain how they combine to raise the level of economic efficiency in an economy.

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