Supply chain strategy

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Week 2 Discussion
Each week you will be presented with discussion topics that you must answer and respond to. You must have two separate posts, answering the questions that are presented for the week. You must also respond to your fellow students, until you meet the four separate posts, on three separate days requirement.
Discussion Post #1
Outsourcing has been a popular supply chain strategy. Discuss the reasons for and against an organization outsourcing its production processes. I want to hear your views as to why you should, or should not outsource, not just using what the book says. You can incorporate terms and concepts from the textbook, but the thoughts on the subject need to be yours.
Discussion Post #2
Why is demand management important, and who should be involved in this process? What are some of the common problems that managers encounter with demand management? What type of fluctuation(s) occur(s), when you deal with unexpected demand (provide examples of situations in which this happens)? How do you feel is the best way to deal with these fluctuations/unexpected demand? Please explain.
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