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TAIBMS Research Development Fund Autumn 2021 Application Form
Please complete the form using Arial 11 point and do not adjust the formatting of the application form.Use figures and tables to support your application. .
Please indicate which topic you are applying for:
You must submit an application based on the topic you were assigned.
Do telomere capping proteins function beyond telomeres?
Applicant Details – all applicants should complete these questions

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Description of Activities – all applicants should complete these questionsThis funding CANNOT be used to fund clinical trials. The proposal MUST include molecular biology techniques/assays. The proposed work should be achievable within 12 months.
Title (max 25 words)

Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
Duration (Months)
12 months
Hypothesis (1 sentence).

Objectives (Max 150 words) Please provide an overview of the aims & objectives for your project.

Proposed Activities (Max 750) Please provide an overview of the experiments you propose to do.

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Impact – potential for impact in your research field – explain how this work will make a contribution to your research field. What is the potential for future clinical impact? (100 words).

References Ensure these are consistently formatted using Harvard.

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