Team Contract

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Code of Conduct: As a project team, we will: • Work proactively, anticipating potential problems and working to prevent them. • Keep other team members informed of information related to the project. • Focus on what is best for the entire project team.
TABLE 3-8 Team Contract
Participation: We will: • Be honest and open during all project activities. • Encourage diversity in team work. • Provide the opportunity for equal participation. • Be open to new approaches and consider new ideas. • Have one discussion at a time. • Let the project manager know well in advance if a team member has to miss a meeting or may have trouble meeting a deadline for a given task.
Communication: We will:
• Decide as a team on the best way to communicate. Because a few team members cannot often meet face to face, we will use e-mail, a project website, and other technology to assist in communicating. • Have the project manager facilitate all meetings and arrange for phone and video conferences, as needed. • Work together to create the project schedule and enter actuals into the enterprise-wide project management system by 4 p.m. every Friday. • Present ideas clearly and concisely. • Keep discussions on track.
Problem Solving: We will: • Encourage everyone to participate in solving problems. • Only use constructive criticism and focus on solving problems, not blaming people. • Strive to build on each other’s ideas.
Meeting Guidelines: We will: • Have a face-to-face meeting the first and third Tuesday morning of every month. • Meet more frequently the first month. • Hold other meetings as needed. • Record meeting minutes and send them via e-mail within 24 hours of all project meetings, focusing on decisions made and action items from each meeting.
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