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Read the below scenario and answer the three questions. Each question should be addressed separately – do not write an essay format. You must include the assignment readings listed below in your analysis, along with external research.
Assignment Readings:
In addition to the readings listed below you are required to incorporate a minimum of four peer-reviewed journal articles you have located using the library’s e-resources. An Academic Skills Resource Guide will be available on LMS to support you in undertaking research for this assignment.
Required resources:
Dunning, D., Johnson, K., Ehrlinger, J., & Kruger, J. (2003). Why people fail to
recognize their own incompetence. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 12(3), 83- 87 (Found in Tutorial 3 LMS)
McShane, S., Olekalns, M., Newman, A., & Martin, A. (2019). Perceiving ourselves and others in Organisational Behaviour 6e: Emerging Knowledge. Global Insights. (pp. 80-115). Australia: McGraw-Hill Education.
McShane, S., Olekalns, M., Newman, A., & Martin, A. (2019). Decision making and creativity in Organisational Behaviour 6e: Emerging Knowledge. Global Insights. (pp. 228- 265). Australia: McGraw-Hill Education.
The Scenario
You are a senior manager in the marketing department at a large retail clothing chain, H&Z. You have six people in your team. Two staff report directly to you, both senior buyers; one for men’s fashion (Alex), one for women’s (Hatsu). They each have two junior buyers who report to them. Alex has decided to leave H&Z, so you have a vacancy to fill as Senior Buyer Men’s Fashion. You have decided to recruit to fill this role internally from within H&Z.
You advertise it on the H&Z internal job board and you receive two applications:
The first applicant is Sam. Sam is a 23 year old management trainee who has just completed his first year with the H&Z as part of a university cadet ship program. When Sam was interviewed for his cadetship (18 months ago) you were part of the hiring panel. Sam was confident he would graduate from the university with an H1 average, although when he actually got his results his average was nearer to an H3. Still, you had been impressed with his background (he went to the same school and university that you did and you both had a passion for Australian rules football). Even though Sam’s performance has been, at best,
average and he struggles with lots of things that other trainees are finding to be straightforward, you decide to interview him as his enthusiasm is undiminished and he enters into each new task with great vigour. In the interview, he communicates extremely well and can persuasively articulate his self-perceived strengths, but when you ask about his variable performance he has a tendency to blame others for his poor outcomes.
The next person you decide to interview is Jian. She joined H&Z from a rival fashion retailer 4 years ago and has slowly but surely worked in a variety of roles, from customer service to store manager, then on to marketing coordinator. Her most recent role involved managing H&Z’s Instagram account, so she has dealt with 24/7 queries that can impact the brand’s reputation and has a good knowledge of street fashion. Jian has handled this complex role well and comes with strong recommendations from her current manager and positive staff satisfaction scores and sales outcomes from her former role as a store manager.
Despite this, Jian is extremely modest about her own skills and achievements. She is quite shy and introverted and she did not perform well in her interview, struggling to explain why she would be a good leader and buyer. At 30, Jian has had good team management experience, yet she attributes all the team’s successes to its members and was hesitant to take any credit herself.
You want to not only hire the best candidate for your role, but ensure both applicants receive feedback that can help them build their careers successfully at H&Z.
MGMT20001 Organisational Behaviour Individual Assignment Questions:
Using the required readings, plus additional material you find through your own research, answer the following questions:
As the recruiting manager, reflect on potential biases you may have with regard to the two candidates. What biases might you display and what can you do to ensure you hire the right person into the Senior Buyer Men’s Fashion role? (approx. 300 words)
How would you explain Sam and Jian’s behaviour in relation to their own performance and the performance of their colleagues? In your answer, be sure to discuss the conceptual and practical implications of Dunning’s ideas about competence and self-awareness in the workplace. (approx. 350 words)
Bearing in mind your response to the previous question, advise who you would offer the Senior Buyer Men’s Fashion role to and suggest advice that you would give to both Sam and Jian so they could be more successful in their careers. In your answer, be sure to discuss how both Sam and Jian might improve their self-awareness about their own competence and how they might use this to improve their work (approx. 350 words)
INSTRUCTIONS: Please read and follow carefully
Write your response to each question in
Label your response to each question clearly using
Use double-spacing, and 12 pt font
Assessment criteria/feedback
You will be assessed using the following criteria (please review the rubric on LMS):
Appropriately addressing the assignment questions
Understanding of the theories
Definition of terms/concepts
Analysis and evaluation of the theory to answer questions
Relevant and original argument incorporating reading and research to develop your argument
Use of research beyond set or recommended readings (at least 4 additional to the required readings listed above)
Written style: expression, spelling and grammar
Structure: all parts of the questions are answered. Correct use of paragraph structure.
Referencing and citing correctly using the APA referencing system.
Cover page
Include a front page on your assignment as the first page of your assignment and fill in the relevant details: full name, student number, subject code and name, due date and assignment name. If you do not include these details, we cannot mark your assignment. The Assignment Cover Template is available on the OB LMS page under the links Assessment Information > Individual Assignment > Assignment Cover Template.
All material used must be correctly cited and referenced, using the APA Referencing System which includes:
In-text citations in the body of the assignment.
A reference list as the last page of your assignment (listing only the references you have cited).
In-text citations and reference list are NOT counted in the word count.
There are links to the APA 6th Referencing System on OB LMS page under the links
Assessment Information > Individual Assignment > APA reference style resources.
Your work will also be screened for plagiarism using the Turnitin software program. More information about the university’s policy and the Turnitin program is available from the following website:
Presenting material from other sources without full acknowledgement (referred to as plagiarism) is heavily penalised. Penalties for plagiarism can include a mark of zero for the piece of assessment or a fail grade for the subject.
Plagiarism is the presentation by a student of an assignment identified as his or her own work even though it has been copied in whole or in part from another student’s work, or from any other source (e.g. published books, web-based materials or periodicals), without due acknowledgement in the text.
Collusion is the presentation by a student of an assignment as his or her own work when it is, in fact, the result (in whole or in part) of unauthorised collaboration with another person or persons. Both the student presenting the assignment and the student(s) willingly supplying unauthorised material are considered participants in the act of academic misconduct.
The Academic Skills unit has prepared a help sheet on avoiding plagiarism.
Assignment extensions and penalties for late submissions
Late submission of an assignment is permitted only where an extension has been granted. Requests for an extension can be made via the OB LMS – a link to the online application form can be found in the Assignment Extension tab.
All requests for an extension must be made prior to the assessment due date.
Unless an extension has been granted, penalties to the assessment will be applied.
To ensure equality for all students, assignments must be completed within specified time limits. Late submissions will attract a marking penalty where approval for late submission has not been given. Assignments that exceed word limits may also attract a marking penalty.
Penalties for late submission: The mark a student is awarded for their work will be reduced by 5% for each day the work is late.
Assignments that exceed the word limit by more than 10% may attract a marking penalty of 10% of the marks that would otherwise have been awarded.
Assignments that exceed the word limit by 25% or more may attract a higher penalty, including a cap on the maximum grade awarded, unless a student gains an exemption. For example, an assignment with a limit of 2000 words will be marked down by 10% if there are more than 2200 words. If there are 2500 words or more, the maximum result that may be awarded is an H2B.
Special consideration
Students who have been significantly affected by illness or other serious circumstances during the semester may be eligible to apply for Special Consideration.
Students apply for Special Consideration through My Unimelb via the Apply for Special Consideration link under Exams and Assessment in the Admin tab.
You must submit your online application no later than 4 working days after the due date for submission or examination of the particular component of assessment, to which your application refers.
Submission instructions. Please read and follow carefully
The LMS allows you to submit your assignment online from home or from any of the student labs on campus.
You can access the Assignment Submission function by clicking on the ‘Assessment Submission’ tab in the navigation menu of the OB LMS page.
Please note that you are required to keep a copy of your assignment after it has been submitted, as you must be able to produce a copy of your assignment at the request of your tutor or lecturer at any time after the submission due date.
Assignment submission guidelines can be found here:

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