the appropriate Event and draw

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Assignment details 2021-HS1-RSK80003-Risk Perception and A
The assignment tasks are:
Define the appropriate Event and draw, with brief written explanation, a Mechanism analysis logic diagram that contains all possible Mechanisms for the Event. [16 marks] 2. Determine and explain your choice of the ‘questions’ which you would use to provide structure to the Outcome process and draw an Outcome Analysis diagram for the case based on those questions. As above, the goal is to consider all possible Outcomes, not just explain this one particular Outcome. [17. marks] [Total 33 marks] CASE STUDY
A construction crane collapsed in Seattle, USA on 27/4/19. See https://www.usatoday.conn/story/news/natio n/2019/04/29/seattle-crane-collapse-human-error-likely-experts/3623629002/ or other sources. The document in this link reported: “Based on videos of the collapse, experts believe the workers who disassembled the construction crane were too quick to remove pins holding sections of the crane together. “The reason this tower fell over is ironworkers and the people working on it did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions for

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