The bridge film analysis

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Please carefully look at the picture above. In what context does this scene appear in the movie? What is happening here? Describe in detail what you see in the image and how it is structured. Pay particular attention to the facial expression of the character and his gaze. What can we hear in this scene? With whom are you identifying and empathizing in this scene? Why?Why did the boys want to go to war? Were they misinformed and if so, why? Did peer pressure play a role in the movie? If so, how?Do you find the characters well developed? What characters can you remember particularly well? Why? Please select one particularly dynamic character and describe his or her character development in detail.Analyze and interpret what happened on the bridge. How are the different war parties depicted in the film? Which scenes are particularly important in this regard?In your opinion, are their heroes and villains in this film? Please explain your answer and support your argument with evidence from the film.What are your observations concerning issues of loyalty, personal integrity, freedom, and idealism in this film and how are these values being challenged?Do we see traces of a generational conflict expressed in the film and if so, how does it manifest itself? Please give specific examples and put the generational conflict in the larger context of German history.What are the most important moments in this film and why? What aspects of the film did you like and which did you not like? Why?With the help of the readings in our textbook and our discussion about Trace of Stones, please compare and contrast East and West German Postwar Cinema. Please explain in how far The Bridge is representative of West German Postwar Cinema. How does the film compare to other movies that… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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