the human scale is manipulated

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Create a short story / skit in which the human scale is manipulated. Where the human talent is dramatically larger or smaller than it would normally be in it’s surrounding environment.In creating the story, consider:Where are they? What are they doing there? How did they get there? When did they get there? Why are they doing what they’re doing?
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Individually create a short 6 frame storyboard to visualise the story — provide variation in the shots used (wide, mid, close etc) and include directional arrows for camera and or talent movement.
What resources will you need? You will need to integrate all of the following:-footage (shot by you using a -stock footage -music -voiceover / sound fx -on screen graphics / typography -minimum lx composited component (green screen key) -computer with Adobe CC Photoshop and Premiere installed
You will work in postproduction independently in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere and produce a rendered .MP4 file of your final project as per in class instructions. The final duration should be no longer than 1 minute. To get a SATISFACTORY result the submission should include: 1. Rendered MP4 file to the following specifications: H.264, 1080p, 1920 x 1080, stereo, match video quality bit rate, mp4 2. Screen Shot of Premier project screen

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