The national security risk and threat assessment process

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Write a 1500-word (minimum) reaction paper on the concepts. Consider forinclusion in your discussion: Describe the national security risk and threat assessment process. What national security threats have been attributed to climate change? What recommendations should be followed to protect the US from climatechange? What is the water-food-energy nexus and why is it important? How will rising sea levels impact defense infrastructure? What is an EMP and why is it dangerous? What components of infrastructure can be damaged by an EMP and how canthey be protected? What threat does Ebola and similar pandemic diseases pose? What pre-infection (mitigation) measures can be employed? What post-infection (response) measures can be employed? Given what you’ve learned about risk assessment, which of these modernthreats should be given highest priority and why? Other Article: lar children may also have a higher BMI and racial/ethnic differences have been found in the fat content of individuals with the same BMI. On the other hand 25% children with a normal BMI have excess body fat. The risk of obesity related complications would be lower in children with higher muscle mass than in those with higher adiposity. Higher fat content and its distribution, especially central adiposity correlate better with the risk of obesity related complications. Hence Waist circumference may be a better parameter for predicting complications. Since measuring WC can be tedious for Pediatricians and most children with high BMI do have excess body fat, BMI should be used for assessing obesity. BMI charts: IAP Charts: BMI charts for Indian Children 5 to 18 years age were updated in 2015. The 23 and 27 adult equivalent cut offs lines (for risk of overweight and obesity, respectively) are similar to the IOTF cut-offs and are more appropriate for use in Asian children since they are known to have more adiposity… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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