The Noe textbook is an essential reference.

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The performance appraisal training program’
Please answer the following questions making sure you draw on details in the case study, course concepts and readings in your discussion. The Noe textbook is an essential reference. Refer to the Course outline and guidelines in preparing the assignment.
Questions: (each question has equal weighting, approximately 300-375 words each; no separate introduction or conclusion to the assignment is required)
1. Describe the desired learning (training) outcomes for this program. Discuss the supervisors’ motivation for this training. How could motivation have been improved?
2. If a needs analysis is a process to identify gaps or deficiencies in employee and organizational performance, then what is the gap at the hospital and what additional information would be helpful to learn about the nature of the gap and possible solutions for closing it?
3. Discuss the extent to which adult learning theory principles were incorporated into the training program. Which principles were included, and which ones were absent? Discuss what the consultant could have done differently to make better use of adult learning theory.
4. Using Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model (4 steps) discusses how the performance appraisal training program could be evaluated by the training consultant. Explain why a systematic evaluation method is important.

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