The portrayal of women in the media

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Results of survey have been attached in additional materials. Have to use the answers to do the following with tables, charts and calculations: Demographic analysis of respondents Relationship between age and activeness on Facebook – R2 Linear and coeffecient calculations and correlations Regression analysis Victims in terms of gender Most used form of media Reliability of media Views on gender role construction ( Validity and percent) Results of Hypotheses – Crosstabulation and chi square tests Hypotheses are as below: Hypothesis 1 � Are women affected by female stereotypes in their daily lives due to media portrayal? Null Hypothesis, H0 : Female stereotypes are independent of media portrayal. Alternative Hypothesis, H1 : Female stereotypes are dependent of media portrayal. Hypothesis 2 – Does media has an influence on our perceptions? Null hypothesis : Media affects our perceptions. Alternative hypothesis: Media does not affect our perceptions. Hypothesis 3 – Is media fair in the way it portrays male and female? Null – Media portray gender fairly. Alternative – Media portray gender in a biased way. Hypothesis 4 – Are women the main victims of stereotypes created by media? Null – Women are the main victims of stereotypes created by media. Alternative – There are other victims of stereotypes created by media. To note that the survey population is 761, 800 people and the survey sample is 120 people This page of the paper has 2634 words. Download the full form above. It has regularly been expressed that 1943 was a watershed in the advancing universe of melodic theater. Examine this announcement and look at the collection and kind of pre-1943 with post-1943 melodic theater. It has been asserted by numerous that 1943 was a watershed in the developing universe of melodic theater. There is a pervasiveness of proof to propose this is… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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