the secondary service queue

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ith the current setup, bottlenecks can occur at two places: the arrival queue and the secondary service queue. At peak times, customer waiting time can be quite lengthy in one or both queues. Often, the arrival queue becomes so long that customers leave the system and enter the queue of the restaurant next door. Reducing customer wait time, then, would clearly lead to increased business for the restaurant.
Therefore, you are interested in finding ways to reduce this wait time, as well as the time spent in the secondary service location. One way to accomplish this is the reallocation of servers in the system. Another way is to change the layout of the service facility (to decrease the time spent on non-value added activity such as walking). You are asked to consider the following scenarios for reallocation of servers:
A. Server allocation under current setup. If five servers are available in the current service setup (as described above), what is the optimal allocation of human resources necessary to achieve minimum customer wait time? That is, how many should be designated as cashiers, and how many should be designated as secondary servers?
B. Adding a “runner” position. What effect does adding a third type of server (hereafter referred to as a “runner”) who prepares the donut, muffin, and coffee orders, allowing cashiers to focus only on taking orders, have on customer wait time?
C. Changing the service setup. What effect does shifting the preparation of all orders to the secondary service location have on customer wait time?
D. Adding an arrival queue. Given additional space and resources, what effect does adding a separate arrival queue and set of cash registers to the secondary service location have on customer wait time?
E. Increased arrival analysis. Is either the current system or one of the simulated systems able to accommodate more frequent arrivals?
F. Recommending an improved system. Of the different system configurations considered, which has the greatest potential for reducing customer wait time when five servers are on duty and when only four are on duty?
The goal of the study is to simulate different scenarios and determine how efficient they are in servicing customers. Implementing a scenario with a lower expected system time per customer should lead to more customers being served per hour, and hence more business for Tim Hortons.
In the future, it is expected that Tim Hortons might experience an increase in demand due to the construction of a new nearby student housing facility. Your must evaluate to what extent can the system handle an increased customer arrival rate.
The Requirement
You are required to study the above scenarios and address the following:
Construct a Simul8 model of the Tim Hortons, incorporating appropriate information collection, as a basis for the inquiries in Part 2 below. (A graphics mimic diagram is not compulsory.)
As if a consultant to Tim Hortons, use the model to explore the business problem faced, giving attention to the questions in section 5 (producing further models and incorporating modifications or enhancements as may, in your judgment, be required).
Answer the questions for study presented above
Produce a written report of no more than 2500 words (not counting any title page, contents list, tables, diagrams, graphs- but the word count must be shown); the report is to include:
a)      descriptions of the runs carried out, including your rationale for the selection and design of the runs used;
b)      results and discussion concerning Part 2 above
You must submit the report, enclosing with it a disk or disks (CD) containing your basic Simul8 model and any variations used for Part 2 above, plus any further variation(s) you may wish to include.
A key factor in assessment will be the extent to which you show a grasp of simulation and modelling and, through its use, show insight into the system, problems and issues being investigated.

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