Theme 4 – Views and Viewpoints

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Theme 4 – Views and Viewpoints
Assignment 4

Enterprise Architecture (EA) frameworks such as TOGAF provides methods to create EA artefacts. The main aim being that an organization need to understand the impact of a technological change. One of these artifacts is the model (Kotusev, 2016). TOGAF specifies that architectural work leads to building blocks such as Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams, these can be used to create a model of the enterprise. ArchiMate amongst others are used to create these models.
Models in and of themselves are complex and hard to communicate to an audience. This is true the more detailed a model becomes. Due to the inherent complexity of an organization, there may be many different stakeholders in a project and their communication needs will be unique. EA frameworks such as TOGAF caters for this situation by using stakeholder management techniques and introducing the idea of a view and viewpoint concept that structures appropriate information for specific audiences.
Your task in this assignment is to identify stakeholders in the COVID vaccination rollout process and to generate views to communicate the architectural understanding of this rollout.. 

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The outcomes addressed in this assignment are as follows:
Create a model across the 3 core levels of the ArchiMate meta-model
Create views for selected stakeholders
Communicate views to stakeholders in a presentation

To facilitate your preparation of the assignment you are required to engage in the following set of tasks:
Refine COVID rollout model
Identify stakeholders and discuss their needs
Create views in ArchiTool
Create board meeting presentation (PowerPoint)

The references needed to complete this assignment is as follows:
Book chapters:
Enterprise Architecture at Work, Modelling, Communication and Analysis by Lankhorst, Marc. 
5 and 6
uploaded to TEAMS
Enterprise Architecture A to Z, Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology by Daniel Minoli.
6, 7 and 8 
Enterprise Architecture playlist on O’Reilly
Modeling Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF by Philippe Desfray, Gilbert Raymond.

Enterprise Architecture playlist on O’Reilly

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Task outline:
Refine your COVID rollout model using ArchiMate and the ArchiTool. Identify 3 stakeholders, create views, and submit report for assessment. This includes the following steps:
Refine model the case study in ArchiTool using ArchiMate
Identify and describe stakeholder needs
Prepare views for stakeholders of your choice. Choose one stakeholder that would have an interest in the overall picture (example, strategic management and leadership), one stakeholder that has an interest in software and applications and one stakeholder that has an interest in the infrastructure. 
Prepare board meeting presentation
Case study:
Create a ArchiMate model to represent the rollout of the COVID immunization program. In general terms the rollout process includes two main phases:
Register for vaccination
Get the vaccination (first and second depending on the type)
Your task is to communicate relevant aspects of the rollout process to specific stakeholders in the implementation process. This communication will be done via a PowerPoint presentation.

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Your presentation must be structured so that it can be cover at least the following aspects:
Overview of the rollout process
Stakeholder identification
Stakeholder needs overview
Stakeholder views and discussion

Kotusev, S., 2016. Six Types of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts. British Computer Society (BCS), URL: http://www. bcs. org/content/conWebDoc/57097.

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